Linene Graywind



Proprietor of Lionshield Coster in Phandalin. Was informed of her stolen supply crates back in Cragmaw Cave and sold Medivh a grappling hook (Act I, Ep 2). Later sold studded leather armor to a very flirtatious Ye’Kan (Act I, Ep 5). Was saved from the rubble after the destruction of Phandalin and continued to be completely unaffected by Ye’Kan’s flirtatious comments (Act I, Ep 7).

Was possibly being worn down by Ye’Kan’s advances in the weeks that followed Wave Echo Cave but was less than thrilled when he left her an owlbear skull as a token of love before departing for Almamoon (Act II, Ep 1).

Linene Graywind

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