Fantastic Mrs. Fox



A small fox found outside Cragmaw Castle that Linny convinced to investigate the castle’s entrances. Became Linny’s familiar after an exchange of owlbear meat (Act I, Ep 5). Helped round up survivors in the aftermath of destruction in Phandalin (Act I, Ep 7).

Upon arriving in Almamoon, the party was told the town had not seen an animal in a very long time and that Linny should keep a very close eye on her pet (Act II, Ep 1). Was accidentally left behind on the Icarus Two when the party left the island via the sewers, but was recovered in exchange for the polar bear tail (Act II, Ep 5). Led the rescued children away from the Ivory Tower and back to Almamoon (Act II, Ep 7).

Was left in animal daycare in Waterdeep instead of being brought along on the sea journey to the Phantom Limit (Act III, Ep 1).

Fantastic Mrs. Fox

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