The Lovers

Current owner: Osborne Vancleef
Given to the party by Richter Bartley as a thank you for putting his wife Elizabeth’s soul to rest in the tombs of the Forgotten Keep.


When used, each blade has a love die. If an attack hits, you may roll one love die per attack roll dropping the damage to 1d4 but gaining 1d6 in healing. Alternatively, you can combine the scimitars together making it a Versatile weapon and raising the damage dealt to 1d10 plus 1d6 bonus damage. This action costs both love dice. The dice are replenished after a long rest.

Two scimitars, one blue and one pink. Said to hold the very souls of two mates that were destined to be together always, in this life or the next. When held together the cutaways in each blade form the shape of a heart.

The Lovers

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