Tag: dream interlude iii


  • Captain Söze

    The captain of Ye'Kan's pirate ship. When his own bard died in the battle to capture the merchant ship Young Ye'Kan was on, Söze took the teenager prisoner onto his ship as a replacement. Over the next ten years, they became very close friends [[DREAM …

  • Solas

    Ye'Kan's father and an agent of the celestial woman from the dream sequences. Instructed the party on the pirate ship during Ye'Kan's dream sequence and later sat them down and gave them their first knowledge about being at war and the repeating time …

  • Mara Roberts

    Ye'Kan's mother. Had everything stolen from her by a boyfriend with drinking and gambling problems, then fell ill and died when Ye'Kan was a toddler [[DREAM INTERLUDE III | (Dream Interlude III)]].