Ye'Kan Roberts

Half-Elf Bard



Level = 5
XP = 6500
Armor Class = 17
Hit Points = 39/39
Hit Dice = d8 (5)
Speed = 30 ft

Strength = 14 (2)
Dexterity = 19 (4)
Constitution = 16 (3)
Intelligence = 10 (0)
Wisdom = 14 (2)
Charisma = 20 (5)


Proficiency Bonus = +3
Ability Checks = Deception, Insight, Nature, Perception (x2), Persuasion (x2), Stealth
Saving Throws = Dexterity, Charisma
Armor = Light, medium, shields
Weapons = Simple weapons, martial weapons, hand crossbows
Items = Lute, flute, drums
Tools = Navigator tools, water vehicles
Languages = Common, Elvish, Giant


Unholy Rapier (F) = 1d8 piercing/1d6 necrotic, +8 attack bonus (“Unholy Ebon Warblade”) (adds 2 to intimidation)
Scimitar (F, L) = 1d6 slashing, +7 attack bonus
Shortsword (F, L) = 1d6 piercing, +7 attack bonus
Rapier (F) = 1d8 piercing, +7 attack bonus
Dagger (F/L/T) = 1d4 piercing, +7 attack bonus
2 Javelins (T) = 1d6 piercing, +7 attack bonus


Level 0 (cantrips) = Chill Touch, Eldritch Blast, Mage Hand, Message, Vicious Mockery
Level 1 (4 slots) = Charm Person, Dissonant Whispers, Hellish Rebuke (1/long rest), Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Thunderwave
Level 2 (3 slots) = Blindness/Deafness, Heat Metal
Level 3 (2 slots) = Bestow Curse, Leomund’s Tiny Hut

Spellcasting Ability = Charisma
Spell Save DC = 16
Spell Attack Bonus = 8


Advantage on saving throws against being charmed
Can’t be put to sleep by magic
Free passage on a sailing ship

Class Features

Bardic Inspiration (1d8, number of times equal to Charisma modifier per rest)
Song of Rest (extra 1d6 hit die if you or allies spend hit dice during short rest)
Jack of All Trades (half proficiency bonus, rounded down, to all non-proficient checks)
Expertise (double two proficiency skills)
Combat Inspiration (Bardic Inspiration can now be used for damage rolls or added to AC)
Magic Initiate feat (added Chill Touch, Eldritch Blast, Hellish Rebuke from Warlock class)
Font of Inspiration (regain all uses of Bardic Inspiration with any rest)


Entertainer pack (backpack, bedroll, 2 costumes, 5 candles, waterskin half-filled with dwarven brandy, disguise kit)
Leather armor
Studded leather armor
Dragonguard armor (+1 breastplate)
Boots of the Winterlands
50 ft silk rope
Trinket (A book that tells the story of a legendary hero’s rise and fall, with the last chapter missing)
9 pieces of chalk
Waterproof satchel
Redbrand ruffian mask and cloak
3 potions of healing
Loaded knucklebones dice
Makeshift bandana made of Linny’s blanket
Flask of oil


464 gp
10% of Wave Echo Cave profits

Basic Info

Age = 28
Height = 6’0"
Weight = 170
Eyes = Brown
Skin = Fair
Hair = Dirty blonde

Alignment = Neutral Good
Background = Pirate

Personality traits = Stretches the truth for the sake of a good story // Never passes on a friendly wager // Foul fucking mouth
Ideals = Freedom
Bonds = Will stop at nothing to get revenge
Flaws = Desire to be a famous adventurer will probably result in downfall


Ye’Kan Roberts was born to a human woman named Mara; he never met or heard anything about his Elf father. Mara moved on to a new relationship with a human man when Ye’Kan was a toddler, but this man ended up stealing everything from the small family and left them in ruin. Mara fell ill soon after and died, so at the age of five Ye’Kan was sent to live at the nearest Elf settlement. Growing up as both an orphan and a half-blood, he never fit in with his peers and so he spent most of his time alone learning to play the lute and reading from the vast libraries of the community. It was there that he found volumes of epic tales telling of great adventurers and their heroic feats, a wondrous escape from his discouraging reality. He became obsessed with the idea of finding such heroes and telling their stories for all to hear, so at the age of fifteen he left the Elf community and set out to find adventure in any form that he could. Within weeks he found a job aboard a sailing ship, a career he assumed would constantly provide new lands to visit and people to meet. After almost two years of sailing, however, his ship was overrun and captured by a pirate crew led by the notorious Captain Soze. During the battle Soze’s top musician was killed, so the feared pirate decided to bring Ye’Kan onto his crew after seeing the lute strapped to his back but declared that he would kill the teenager at any moment if he was ever disappointed with his performance. Luckily the aspiring Bard was quite talented at this point and ended up fitting in just fine with his new crew, regaling them with music and stories every night. After taking part in countless more adventures on both land and the sea over the next decade, Ye’Kan asked Soze—now his closest friend—if he could leave the ship and set out on his own. The pirate captain agreed, and as a parting gift provided the Bard with a tip on how he might find the mysterious man who ruined his family and left his mother to die over two decades earlier. After spending his whole life literally singing the praises of great adventurers, Ye’Kan Roberts was now ready to become one himself.

Ye'Kan Roberts

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